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Moving to another computer

This page describes what to do if you need to move your Cardbox installation from one computer to another.

1. Install Cardbox

Download and install Cardbox on the new computer. You do not need to worry about licence codes because the latest version of Cardbox no longer needs a licence.

2. Move your database files

Find your database files and move them to your new computer.

If you aren't sure where your database files are, we can't help you, because we can't know where you decided to put your database files when you were creating them. But here are a couple of hints:

3. Move your macro files (if any)

If you are using macros, each macro will be saved in a separate file, with filetype .cbs. Where those files are depends on where you chose to store the macros.

4. Move your spelling dictionaries (if any)

If you use Cardbox's spelling checker, you have the option to mark words as valid even when they do not exist in Cardbox's standard spelling dictionaries. Your spelling dictionaries will have a filetype .tlx and their filenames will begin with ud.

5. Move your workspace files

Whenever you open Cardbox, you are actually opening a Cardbox workspace. Some people only have one workspace (Cardbox creates one automatically); others have several workspaces, each with its own collection of databases.

In addition to a list of databases, each workspace contains any workspace-specific customisations you have made, such as menu entries, keyboard shortcuts and toolbar buttons for macros. If you haven't made any customisations specific to a workspace, then moving the workspace file is optional.

Workspace files have the filetype .cbw.

If you aren't sure where your workspace file is, use File > Workspace to find out.

6. Move your Cardbox settings

The whole of the Tools > Options window contains information that is specific to your installation of Cardbox. It is a good idea to transfer this to your new computer.

On your old computer, use the command Tools > Management > Save Cardbox Registry Settings to save all your settings to a file. You can choose where this file should be and what it should be called.

Move that file to your new computer and double-click on it to install the settings into the Windows registry.

7. Dealing with directories (folders)

Cardbox workspace files refer to databases by their file and directory names. The various settings you have looked at in Tools > Options refer to various storage locations by their full directory names. If the directory structure of your new computer is identical to the directory structure of your old computer (everything is in exactly the same place on the new as in the old), then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you have made changes to where things are, problems will arise.

When Microsoft change directory names for you

Be aware that directory names can change from one computer to another even if you don't change them yourself.

This happens because the name of the home folder (called "My Documents" on Windows XP) may change. On one computer it may be C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\My Documents, on another it may be something quite different – either because you aren't called "Owner" on the new computer or because Microsoft have decided to decorate the folder name in a different way.

To be on the safe side, go through Tools > Options and make sure that all the directories it refers to really do exist.

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