Download and install the Cardbox Server

Latest version: Build 172 (1-Oct-2016).

For a multi-user or networked Cardbox configuration, you need two things:

  1. For each user, Cardbox itself. You can download Cardbox here.
  2. In one place, providing all users with shared access to the Cardbox databases, the Cardbox Server. You can download the Cardbox Server from this page.

Use this page if you are installing the Cardbox Server for the first time and also if you are updating the Cardbox Server to the latest build. Here is how to check your build number.

For Windows

Cardbox Server (Windows)

Download this file and save it. Its name is cardboxserver-setup.exe.


You must perform the installation directly on the actual computer on which the Cardbox Server itself is to be run. You can do this either by sitting at the machine itself or by connecting to it via a remote desktop mechanism.

It is not enough to run the installer on a workstation and tell it to install the program files on your server. There are some system settings that need changing, and this can only be done if the installer is running on the server.

To perform the installation, run the installer you have just downloaded, and follow the instructions on the screen.

For Linux

Cardbox Server (Linux)


See this page.

How to check your build number

You can find the build number by looking at the front page of the Cardbox Server control in the Windows Control Panel. The build number is shown as the last part of the version number at the bottom right-hand corner: for example, "" means build 121.

You can also check the build number by using Cardbox. Use File > Open > Server to connect to the Cardbox Server, and the Cardbox Server's bulid number and other details will be shown in the box at the bottom left, below the list of server names.

Finally, you can check the build number by connecting directly to the Cardbox Server with a web browser. Instructions are here.

A list of the most recent builds of the Cardbox Server is here.

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