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IN_PAGE_ERROR (C0000006)

If your Cardbox crash report contains the following line near the start:

13:04:26.640 Exception code: C0000006 IN_PAGE_ERROR

then this has been caused by a failure in your network connection to another computer.


When you start any program in Windows, Windows opens the program file (in this case, cardbox3.exe) but does not load the whole program into memory. This is done to save time, especially if the program file is located on a different computer and has to be retrieved across the network.

This fact is invisible to you because your computer loads parts of the program into its own memory as and when they are needed. If a part of the program is needed and isn't already in memory, Windows fetches it from cardbox3.exe. The result is a very brief delay - too short to be noticed.

BUT if you are running a copy of cardbox3.exe that is stored on a different computer, you are vulnerable to network failures. If the network fails, then Windows will not be able to retrieve the next part of the program when it is needed. In this case Windows will cause the program to crash, reporting IN_PAGE_ERROR as the cause.

How to avoid the error

The only reliable way of avoiding the error is to make sure that you have a network that works.

You can also install the Cardbox program files on your own computer instead of accessing them on a remote computer. Remember that the licensing rules mean that a Cardbox licence can only be installed in one place at a time. If you are using a multi-user version of Cardbox, this is not a problem: you can point your copy of Cardbox to the server that is lending licences, or to the location where the licence file is stored (depending on whether you are relying on licences borrowed from a server or shared licence files).


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