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Read-only image field

If the image field is read-only, then all the Paste and Scan options will be absent or greyed out and there'll be a marker saying R/O at the bottom of the Cardbox screen. If this happens to you unexpectedly, the likeliest cause is:

The cure is straightforward: use the command Tools > Management > Rebuild > Database to rebuild the database.

Why does this happen?

Cardbox 3 stores images in a different way from earlier versions of Cardbox. If you are using a database that was created by an earlier version, Cardbox 3 tries to keep the database compatible with that version, and this means that it can't store images. Once you have rebuilt the database, it becomes a genuine Cardbox 3 database (unreadable by earlier versions) and so Cardbox 3 will be able to store images in it.

Other possible causes

Of course, there are two other possible reasons for the image field to be read-only:

We mention these possibilities last because they are less puzzling and people ask us about them less often.


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