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Not the least problem facing museums that build massive archives is tracking the source of the items in their collections. Here is the Cardbox solution, which makes it easy to search for particular classes of material, identify what each collection contains, and even contact the original donors if necessary.


Museums are increasingly building online catalogues of their collections, and some of them are already accessible across the Internet using Cardbox.

De Atlas Van Stolk (“the Van Stolk Collection”) is an important Dutch collection of historical prints and drawings. The collection is housed by the Rotterdam Historical Museum, which maintains several databases including one of political cartoons and one of prints and drawings. These contain full accession details and scanned images of the items in the collection:

The Thackray Medical Museum does the same thing with one of its collections:


The Rotterdam Historical Museum tells us that apart from maintaining large image databases, Cardbox is also being used by the librarian for the library catalogue, the secretary to record correspondence, and the curators whenever they are setting up a new exhibition.

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