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Cardbox is free.

Basic features

Design your own databases by simply drawing them on the screen.

Index any number of words, numbers and dates for fast retrieval.

Search on simple or complex criteria.

Refine your searches step by step.

View summaries or complete records.

Design your own print formats for reports, forms, letters, labels...

Store photographs and scanned documents.

Attach files to your records: PDF, DOC, MP3,...

Up to 16,000,000 records per database.

Advanced features

Automate your work by using macros.

Exchange data with Microsoft Office and other programs.

Control access, with user profiles and passwords.

Secure your data with strong AES encryption.

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The Cardbox Server is free.

Multi-user / network

The Cardbox Server is a program which allows many Cardbox users to share the same database simultaneously, across a local area network or across the Internet.

Share live data in real time with other Cardbox users on your own network or across the Internet.

Encrypted communications with the Cardbox Server ensure that nobody can listen in to your Cardbox session.

Host your databases on your own network server, or on a workstation, or on a server in the Cloud.

Automatic backup of all databases on a schedule you decide: to a specified location on your system, or to the cloud-based Amazon S3 service.

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Cardbox runs on Microsoft Windows (all versions from XP upwards, including Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server, both 32-bit and 64-bit). The Cardbox Server runs on both Windows and Linux.

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Simple formats

Complex formats


Scanned documents

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