Actors and casting



A casting director had a problem. He needed to cast actors for a play, but the market leading database of actors was virtually unusable. Not only did it demand that searches be put into a rigid and inflexible search form: it was also then incredibly slow in its searching. (To be fair, we should say that several years have passed and we are sure that the publishers have now greatly improved their offering). So we converted the main Actors database into Cardbox for him.

The 9,800 actors could now be searched instantly (the database, with pictures, was only 97MB), and the user could assess at once how many actors remained and whether he was making his search too vague or too specific. "Contact sheets" of photographs could be printed out so that the production company could compare pictures of 24 actors at a time. Cardbox's Extra Text feature was used for the CVs themselves, which could vary widely in length.

"Before Cardbox, we were peering through a keyhole and we never knew what we might be missing. With the Cardbox database, we had the whole landscape in front of us and we could select, assess, and compare actors as much as we wanted. For the first time we were in full control of the casting process."